My Brain is only a receiver of the universe

– Nikola Tesla –

Technology is continuing to drive forward and is becoming more frequent around us in all aspects of life. I have always been drawn to this phenomenon and i love to write about it.

I am constantly inspired by the changing dynamic of technology and I hope others can find the same inspiration from this exciting field.

Blog Topics


The most popular C++ hobby programming device. Blogs about the latest achievements and new devices.


The backbone of all modern systems. Electronics is a vast topic and I cover a lot of what I know.


One of the greatest forms of entertainment for the modern generation. From solo to large group gaming.

Crypto Currency

Taking the global economy by storm, Cryptocurrency is becoming the accepted exchange.

Mobile Phones

Everyone these days has one and it is always refreshing to get the latest model. Comparisons and what is new.


What drives the world today? Computing power. I cover the latest and greatest computing hardware.

Battle For Azeroth

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a game that I have come back to several times throughout my life, I play it on and off and I have always been very fond of it. There was a common sentiment throughout the gaming community throughout the Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor expansions that WoW was on its last legs, that the game was dying. Blizzard then released legion and it was very widely enjoyed. It brought the subscription numbers back up, it was retaining players and overall the WoW community has been pretty happy with the game. Blizzard is about to release its latest expansion, Battle For Azeroth and we will have to wait and see if it will be a success.

My WoW Experience

Throughout my WoW “career” I have never been a particularly hardcore player, I raided for a year or so when I was younger but that was the extent of it, with work commitments and family commitment it becomes much harder to commit that amount of time. Legion was great though, adding Mythic+ dungeons was a great step, it gave my friends and I something to aim for within a small group. Required much less set up. It was great. BFA will hopefully build on these concepts. The addition of War Mode will potentially be the biggest game-changer, maybe it will ignite the war between factions that Blizzard is desperately trying to portray.

The old Player vs Player and Player vs Environment servers are pretty much redundant now with War Mode, anyone with War Mode activated will only see others players that also have it enabled.  If you want to opt out of PVP action you can simply turn the mode off. This is a great change I believe as the people who have war mode on will be people who want to fight others. Hopefully, this encourages a much greater world PVP scene. Warmode also offers some bonuses and benefits to sweeten the pot.

The new storyline involves a new substance that has been discovered on Azeroth after Sargeras plunged his big ass sword into Silithus. It has been discovered to be very powerful and valuable so obviously the Horde and the Alliance both want it. This is the main premise for the war between the two factions after a fight broke out in Silithus. We will be travelling to some new continents and trying to further the cause of either the Horde or the Alliance. As always I am sure there will be some greater evil involved later in the expansion (maybe N’Zoth?) We will have to wait and see, I can tell you that I am very excited about the launch and I may even write another blog about this a couple of weeks after launch and tell you all how I feel about the game.

Hello All

Hey guys, my name is Elaine Ramos and I wanted to start a blog based on all things technology. I am a big tech geek and I love all things to do with computers. I am into gaming, programming, writing code, cryptocurrencies and a bunch of other things. I just wanted to do a quick hello post and I guess layout what I want for the site in general. I just want to have a place to voice some opinions about the things I am interested in. If people want to read them, that is a bonus!

Throughout the journey, I plan on just posting what I feel like talking about for each post, hopefully, it is interesting enough for anyone that stumbles upon this!

Thank guys, I’m going to add my first blog right away!