How to watch the stock market in the lead up to Brexit – FT

The first three days of the Brexit process are all about Brexit.

The markets closed at 12.30pm on Friday and traded down around 5% in the hours after the UK government announced it would quit the European Union (EU).

But that is not all.

The market is likely to be up a lot.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has already risen by 2.7%, while the S&P 500 has risen by 1.7%.

The Bank of England said it would cut interest rates to 0.5% from 1.5%.

The US Federal Reserve is expected to start a “vigorous” quantitative easing programme on Friday.

The UK has announced it will keep in place its £350 billion ($430 billion) Brexit settlement with the EU.

The euro area has already started to move back into the zone of the European single market, and the British vote will bring the EU closer to the currency bloc.

In the short term, the Brexit vote has boosted exports, although it has not brought the kind of job creation that some hoped for.

In fact, there are signs that Brexit will do more harm than good for Britain.

The economy has been weak for most of the past two years, while growth has been flat.

The chancellor, Philip Hammond, has promised to raise taxes on the wealthy and reduce the state’s role in healthcare, but many economists are worried that the cutbacks will exacerbate the economy’s woes.

It is also unclear what Brexit will bring about in terms of trade, although some analysts believe that the UK could benefit from a trade deal with the US.

It may also be difficult for the EU to agree to any new trade deals with the UK in the next year, as Britain is likely now to leave the single market and customs union.

The pound has fallen to its lowest level in almost five years, and investors are worried about the impact of Brexit on the UK’s global competitiveness.

The European Central Bank has already warned that it would raise interest rates if Britain’s departure from the EU were to trigger a “structural adjustment programme”.

The bank is also expected to make further monetary policy adjustments, but the risk of a wider rate rise remains.

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