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What You Need to Know About Walgreens’ Warframe Market (Update)

The Warframe Marketplace is back, and it’s all for your benefit.This week, Walgros is adding the Halo 5: Guardians, Halo 5 Heroes, and Halo 5’s Warframe variants to the list of titles available on the store.We’ve been hearing about the new Warframe on and off for a few months now, so it’s a welcome addition […]

Cryptocurrency ETFs are set to soar on IPO day – Bloomberg

The crypto-stock market has a lot of investors, including investors who are buying and selling securities and hedge funds, but some are also holding them with little understanding of how they work.The cryptocurrency market is poised to soar from $20 billion in 2017 to more than $250 billion by 2020, according to a report from […]

What you need to know about the Japanese market

Markets are being forced to adjust.For the first time, the Japanese yen has lost about half its value against the dollar.Its currency is weaker than that of the U.S. and weaker than the euro.And Japan’s economy has been hit hard by the Fukushima nuclear disaster and its ongoing economic crisis.But the world’s second-largest economy has […]

Wall Street’s Market Prediction Report: Trump Is Getting Off Track

“The market is bullish, but not yet ready to sell,” says Michael Pachter, founder and chief investment officer of Pachters investment advisory firm.“They’re still a long way from a full-blown sell-off.”Pachtery is betting on the economy and the political system in the U.S. to bring back the economy.He thinks President Donald Trump’s economic recovery will […]

How Facebook and Amazon Will Survive the Biggest Crash in 20 Years

The market for shares of Inc., a major player in the online retail market, has plunged as investors scramble to secure shares in the e-commerce giant as it grapples with an array of crises and a looming reckoning with shareholders.Shares of the Seattle-based e-retailer fell nearly 12 percent on Wednesday, after it reported a […]

More than 300,000 homes to be saved in West Virginia’s flood-prone floodplain

Nearly 300,00 homes in the flood-tolerant West Virginia floodplain are under threat, officials said Wednesday, a significant increase from previous years.The National Weather Service said more than 300 homes are under evacuation orders as floodwaters surge in some areas of the state, while more than 5,000 were affected by the last major flood in March […]

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