‘Panda-like’ new product promises better food for everyone

A new version of a popular food-delivery app promises better nutrition for everyone, with a new feature that promises to deliver food from the sky, into your pocket, in 30 seconds.

The app, called Panda, uses sensors to detect how many calories a food item is and sends them to your phone.

When you’re done eating, the food is delivered back to your plate, which can be placed on a table or in your home, where it will remain until you pick it up again.

This is called “delivery in the air” because the food will be delivered in the atmosphere of the food’s origin.

Panda says its food delivery technology could help you save money and eat healthier, and it will soon be available in select countries including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

Pandan, launched in January, will soon launch in Australia, with plans to expand to other countries as well.

The app uses Google’s TensorFlow technology, which enables it to predict food’s weight and size, and send information about the food back to the user in real-time.

To learn more about the technology, read the official Panda blog.

Pandemic food woesIt’s a tough situation to find healthy food, so Panda’s new technology is designed to make it easy for users to find what they need.PANIC has already partnered with some of Australia’s leading chefs and restaurants, including La Perouse, St Michael’s and La Casa, to help make the app more accessible to more Australians.

It also partnered with the Australian Government to develop its food-safety and health monitoring program.

“With this partnership, we’re able to increase the efficiency and safety of food-related delivery,” Panda CEO, Paul Lee, said.PANDEMIC also has partnered with local foodies, cafes and restaurants to ensure it’s easy to order food from your local restaurant.

“We believe that the food delivery experience is a great opportunity for local businesses to become part of a larger food ecosystem, and our customers will have a better experience in buying food from Panda,” Mr Lee said.

“This will give them a better food experience, more options and better support from our team.”PANDA, which stands for Personal Autonomous Delivery, is currently available in Australia and New Zealand.

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