When do you expect the ‘biggest’ Korean markets to open?

Krog Street Market (강구보소나시교군), Lawrence Fish Market (비오전주제기), the Korean market in Seoul and the abandoned car market in the outskirts of Seoul are among the markets where Korean-style markets will be open for the first time in 2017.

The markets have been under threat for years due to rising pollution, but will be able to open with little difficulty thanks to government funding.

The Krog Market is the most heavily polluted market in South Korea, and according to Seoul’s Environment Ministry, its total air quality level was around 2.8 times the national standard for unhealthy levels in 2014.

For comparison, the city of New York’s average air quality is around 4 times the level of Krog.

On Tuesday, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced it will grant permission to expand the Krog market, which is located in a residential area.

Krog Street market in Pyongyang is currently the only market in North Korea where there is no air pollution. 

The market has been closed since 2010 due to concerns about the city’s air quality, but was reopened in 2015 due to a large investment.

Its popularity has seen it attract tourists and tourists from other countries and even North Korean refugees.

A market is an opportunity to get acquainted with different markets in the country, and the Kegmarket was one of the first major markets to be built in Seoul in 2004.

Many of the markets in Seoul are in poor condition, and it’s hoped that the KEG market will bring a more modern and safe environment to them.

If the market is successful, other markets could be established in the future.

“I am excited about the launch of the Kega Market,” Kim Yoo-seon, an employee at the market, told Reuters.

More from Business Insider: Keg Market: South Korea’s largest open-air market, in pictures The first KEG Market opened in 2002.

Park Ji-won, a member of the Korean People’s Party (KPP), said the KG market will be “the best market in Korea” for people who live outside the city limits.

It is a popular shopping destination in the capital, with the Kuggyjoo department store being the biggest seller.

There are plans to expand it into a shopping center and also expand the market to serve more foreign tourists.

North Korea’s economy has been growing steadily over the past decade, and more and more people are moving to Seoul to shop. 

There are now more than 150 million Koreans living in South Korean cities, and there are currently an estimated 2 million South Koreans working abroad.

(Source: Reuters) More from business Insider:How to make money in the world’s most competitive stock market

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